Samsung Galaxy Player 5" 8GB MP3 Player w/ Android OS, Dual Camera's & Wi-Fi - YP-G70-CW8ARB

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Product Description

Surf the Internet, take photos, play games, and carry your music, videos, and other media wherever you go with the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. Powered by Android 2.3.5, the player features a 1 GHz processor, a beautiful 5-inch touchscreen, and front- and rear-facing cameras. It also gives you access to over 250,000 apps including games, productivity software, and more. Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 At a Glance:Brilliant 5-inch touchscreen display8 GB internal storage with a microSD slot to add moreCompact for easy portabilityPowered by Android 2.3.5 with access to over 250,000 appsListen to music and watch videos anywhereIncludes travel adapter so you can charge the battery away from home  A front-facing camera lets you make VoIP video calls using the Qik app. View larger.The compact player is easy to take with you anywhere.Android Market has over 250,000 apps including lots of great games.Play On-The-Go Without a Contract or Monthly Fees The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 gives you portable freedom, letting you connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot while on-the-go without any monthly service fees. The player uses a Wi-Fi connection (802.11b/g/n) for Internet access. Once connected, you'll have access to games, music, video, and the whole Internet including Adobe Flash Technology. The sleek player easily fits in any pocket so you can take it everywhere you go. Beautiful 5-Inch Touchscreen with 8GB Storage for Media Playback, Games, and More Samsung is a leading manufacturer of displays, and puts their expertise to work by including a beautiful 5-inch touchscreen with WVGA (800x480) resolution. Show off your latest vacation photos or watch your movies in stunning HD. The player has built-in stereo speakers, or you can plug in the included headphones for private listening. The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 includes 8GB of internal storage for your apps and media, and it has a microSD slot so you can add up to 32GB more. The player includes built-in support for MP3, WMA, Ogg, FLAC, and AAC files; avi, mp4, 3gp, wmv, ast, mkv, and flv video files; and JPEG, GIF, BMP, and PNG images. It also has a built-in radio. And when connected to the Internet, you'll have access to your favorite Internet radio, Pandora, and YouTube, so you'll have all the media you can handle. Front and Rear Cameras for Great Photos and Video Calling The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 features a 3.2 megapixel rear-facing camera for taking photos. With a built-in flash, you'll be able to take crisp clear shots even in suboptimal lighting. Additionally, the VGA front-facing camera lets you make video calls using the Qik application, making it easy to stay in touch with your friends and family while on the go. And because the player features an embedded mic, you can make video calls without having to wear a clunky headset. Powered by Android 2.3.5 with Over 250,000 Apps Android 2.3.5 turns your mobile device into an easy-to-use pocket computer. It includes a full web browsing experience and access to more than 250,000 apps through Android Market. These apps include Pandora, Facebook, and tons of games and productivity software, so you can get your work done, listen to music, and keep connected with your friends and family with just one small device. You'll have the whole Internet thanks to the fast and full featured Android browser that gives you seamless viewing of any webpage, including the latest Adobe Flash Player 10.1. And with ThinkFree Office included, you'll be able to access Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files on the go. Built-In GPS and Bluetooth Hardware The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 has a built-in GPS, giving you access to GPS positioning and letting you take advantage of location-aware apps. It also has support for Bluetooth 3.0, so you can connect your favorite Bluetooth headsets for hands-free VoIP calls, music listening, and video viewing. Powerful Rechargeable Battery for All-Day Use The player uses a lithium polymer battery (included) that provides 2,500mAh of power for all-day use. The battery offers up to 60 hours of audio playback and up to 8 hours of video playback, so you won't have to worry about running out of juice in the middle of watching your favorite movie. Easily charge your player anywhere using the included USB 2.0 cable. Includes Travel Adapter An included travel adapter plugs into any standard A/C outlet so you won't need a PC or laptop to charge the player. The adapter features a detachable USB to micro-USB cable. The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 measures 5.56 by 3.07 by 0.46 inches (H x W x D) and weighs just 6.42 ounces. It is backed by a limited one-year warranty. What's in the Box Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0, earphones, USB cable, travel adapter, quick start guide.

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Mfg Part#: YP-G70-CW8ARB Sku: 241350434
UPC: 813774013509
UPC 14: 00813774013509
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    Nice player 12/19/2012

    The refurbished item looked brand new. But the seal from the factory was already broken upon arrival. No one could explain why. The player functions as it should. The external speakers sound great, and apps run smoothly.

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